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Oral liquid supplement

 Each 1 liter contains:

  • Sodium butyrate

  • Malic acid

  • Citric acid

  • Sodium Propinate

  •  Zinc sulphate 

  •  Lactos

  •  Potassium chloride

  • Butyric acid is an integral short-chain fatty acid acting as an energy source for epithelial cells, butyric acid improves gut health through development of the intestinal epithelium. Benefits of butyric acid include the upregulation of the expression of tight junction proteins in the intestines1, 2 and increases antioxidant levels to promote healing in the GI tract2. Butyric acid increases epithelial proliferation3 and host defense peptides4 while also reducing inflammation5.

  •  Zinc is an essential nutrient with a pivotal role in many key biological processes affecting the health and performance of livestock and poultry. Zinc serves as a structural role in DNA replication6 and aids in T-cell development7. It is a cofactor for metabolic enzymes8, wound healing enzymes9 and antioxidants10. Zinc increases the microbial diversity in the intestines11 and similar to butyric acid, it upregulates the expression of tight junction proteins12.


250 ml-500 ml per 1000 liter of drinking 3-5 days

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