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  • Ammonium chloride           

  • Methionine (coated)           

  • Vitamiv A                              

  • Vitamin C                            

  • Sorbitol                                  

  • Meltodextrin   


  • Effective in case of hydronephrosis and nephritis.

  • Effective in case of infectious bursal disease ( IBD ), stimulant of hepatic functions and as a diuretic.

  • Acts as a urinary acidifying agent to prevent and dissolve certain type of uroliths and to enhance renal excretion of some toxins .

  • Contains methionine an essential aminoacid for growth and also as a urine acidifier .

  • Contains those vitamins (A&C) which are essential for growth and for immunity enhancement .

  • Contains  sorbitol which acts as an osmotic diuretic .


      1 gm / 1 liter of drinking water for 2 – 3 days .


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Properties & Indications 


 Soluble powder

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