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EMEX B+K+Choline

Oral liquid supplements


            Vitamin deficiencies are most commonly due to

            inadvertent omission of a complete vitamin premix

             from the birds’ diet. Multiple signs are therefore

             seen, although in general, signs of B vitamin

             deficiencies appear first. Because there are some

             stores of fat-soluble vitamins in the body,

             it often takes longer for these deficiencies to

             affect the bird, and it may take months for vitamin

             A deficiency to affect adult birds.

             Treatment and prevention rely on an adequate dietary supply, usually  microencapsulated in gelatin or                           starch along with an antioxidant. Vitamin destruction in feeds is a factor of time, temperature, and humidity.                  For most feeds, efficacy of vitamins is little affected over 2-mo storage within mixed feed.



            500ml/1000L water

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